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Hi-Tech Auto has established itself as a reputable auto electronic installation company. The owner has over 30 years of experience working as an automotive accessories technician. Our brand is acclaimed throughout parts of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We provide quality car system products and services with competitive pricing. Our specialties include remote starters, engine immobilization, dash and reverse camera installations. Our company is fully mobile and arrangements can be made for us to come to your location. Our services are available through appointment.

Why Choose Us?

Mobile Service

All our services are fully mobile and can be performed at your doorstep. We service the whole of Toronto and GTA area. All you need to do is book an appointment and we will be there.

Competitive Price

Having our services mobile gives us the ability to pass on the extra savings to you and your family.  Our pricing is very competitive without any sacrifice on quality of service.


Our technicians have over 30 years of experience that cannot be beaten! Also we are the preferred service provider for auto electronic installations for leading dealerships across Toronto.


Auto Electronics Services

Hi-Tech Auto can service all car brands either new or used except for European cars. All our auto electronic accessories installations include top quality, easy to use products and comes with guarantee and warranty. 

Remote Starter

We can install Compustart one/two way remote starter with or without function display. We can also install remote starter via phone application using My Start Plus or a stand alone starter onto a factory key fob by Fortin. Options are also available.

Back-up Camera

We install after market brand back-up cameras that can come with or without monitor.  The monitor can either be displayed in your rear view mirror or a separate screen depending on your car. 

Engine Immobilizers

It's an electronic security device fitted to your car that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is present. We can install short (2500 feet)/long (3500 feet) range with remote by Compustart or a magnetic immobilizer without remote.

Back-Up Sensor

We install Auto-I backup sensors with four options available: 4 front sensors,  4 rear sensors, 2 front 4 rear sensors, 4 front and 4 rear sensors.

GPS Navigation

We can install after market brand GPS navigation systems as well as headrest DVD/ Flip down DVD screens in your car. Most of the times we are able to fit the navigation system in-dash. If not possible then we can provide you with different options.

Dash Camera

We can install front recording only or both front and rear recording dash cams. We install RSC brand dash cameras that are 1080p Full-HD Wi-Fi.

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